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The creativity of designers and a communication that is sometimes provocative but certainly ironic, contribute to making it a unique and unique brand. Karman loves to play with materials of various types, the lines of the products are soft and graceful, the original and extremely recognizable style makes the lamp a real piece of furniture, animated by a special light, a light with a soul.

A look at the unpredictability of things, the lightness of intuition, the dream, the ability to create and the emotion of being amazed by eliciting a smile and a curiosity. Each time a different alchemy leads Karman to design new light sculptures. Each time a different story becomes the central idea of new projects. Lighting is a continuous source of inspiration, it is that imperceptible element able to dress the surroundings and look at them from a different perspective.

Will to keep your feet on the ground. Roots in the Italian province and fixed gaze on distant horizons. Lateral thinking and concreteness. Shared values such as the common passion for lighting understood as function and magic. It's like a piece of paper where you can write love words.


MaterialsFiberglass structure, indoor systemDescriptionIndoor Piantana / Applique cm. 62.6×46 h. 130

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