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Among the design chests of drawers present in our outlet furniture store you will find numerous models of the best Italian design signatures at always low prices. Bonaldo, Molteni, Minotti, Maxalto, flou are just some of the big names camping in our shop window.

To help our customers choose the right design chest of drawers, we have created an F...

Among the design chests of drawers present in our outlet furniture store you will find numerous models of the best Italian design signatures at always low prices. Bonaldo, Molteni, Minotti, Maxalto, flou are just some of the big names camping in our shop window.

To help our customers choose the right design chest of drawers, we have created an FAQ of suggestions among the choices of our container furniture and chests of drawers.

How to choose the sizes of a design chest of drawers?

The sizes of a chest of drawers for your rooms vary depending on the size of the room itself and your needs. Two key factors will have to be taken into account:

  • What kind of items do you want to store in your design chest of drawers? Do you need a very capacious model to store clothes in the bedroom? Or do you need a small and essential model for the office?
  • How spacious is the room you're going to furnish with the chest of drawers? Try to choose the right size according to your surroundings. A very spacious room can accommodate large chests of drawers without any problem, but if yours is a small office you will have to opt for smaller models.

To show you the measurements of your chest of drawers use paper adhesive tape on thefloor, at the location of your design furniture. In this way you will immediately have clear the footprint inside your room.

What are the best designer cupboards and chests of drawers for the living room?

Are you looking for a design piece of furniture at an outlet price for your living room? A cupboard or chest of drawers will be extremely useful to you. If your living room has a classic and refined style, Maxalto's Alcor sideboard is an unmissable gem to embellish it. This sideboard develops in four different variants, with different sizes and at the opening reserves an incredible surprise: a bright shiny red interior of great expressiveness.

If your living room has a minimal and modern style, the chest of drawers – MinottiMorrison's sideboard available in different colors such as Sand, Celadon, Mud, Granite and Moka, with leather panel, could be for you. This chest of drawers with a minimal flavor and neutral colors gives a touch of elegance to every living room and goes well with every surrounding color.

What are the best design chests of drawers for the bedroom?

Among the best designer bedroom chests of drawers we find the Juta dresser by flou. A very elegant wire-edged chest of drawers available in different heights and widths. Its neutral colors go well with all the surrounding environments and the essential lines give the right rest to the eye after a busy day.

This chest of drawers is available in the vertical version and in the horizontal version, perfect both for those who need a lot of space to store clothes. Never underestimate the importance of a correct combination with a designer bed or a designbedside table, in our store you will find many solutions to create your own furniture set for the bedroom.

The best container furniture for your home of the big design signatures

Businelli's Taylor container bears a signature that is synonymous with warranty and at the same time is adaptable to any living room or office. The woody notes that characterize it make it relaxing for the eye and at the same time robust. Great space for documents and objects with a classic and elegant design.

If you are looking for a designer container with an exclusive flavor, the Convivium of the famousMaxalto will amaze you! This particular container – sideboard evokes the roto-translate system for opening its doors. The oriental style makes it delicate for any environment and a real touch of style for the various rooms. The precious details that enrich it, such as the lighting system and the division of leather drawers, make it a unique piece of furniture.

Where to buy a chest of drawers online at an outlet price?

Buying a design chest of drawers online has never been easier at the time of web 2.0. Italian Design Outlet was born as a furniture e-commerce at the highest quality outlet prices. Among our choices you will find only designer furniture at discounted prices. Order your product in our online store and you will receive your piece of furniture comfortably at the address you requested. We rely only on fast and safe shipments,to ensure that your product arrives as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our design furnishings at discounted prices.


Designer: Gino CarolloType: DresserCollection :BonaldoTo Be is a collection of furniture for the concrete sleeping area, able to "be" and not only to appear. A perfect example of how few lines, carefully drawn and in a calibrated game of inclinations, create a set of harmonious and original shapes.The structure is made of wood available in the matt...

850,00 € 1 545,45 € -45%

Designer: Fabio BortolaniType: MobileCollection: myhomeThe travels and the study of Russian constructivist architecture and in particular K.S. Melnikov inspired this modular piece of furniture. In the house today we need both functional and sculptural and evocative objects, which give importance to the environment in which we live.Furniture in licked...

2 358,61 € 4 717,21 € -50%

Designer: Nicola ToninType: SideboardCollection : The New ContemporaryA wooden container sideboard, finely worked with laser intarsio. The structure of Colosseo is of canaletto walnut, alternating light and dark with geometric pattern, the top shelf is covered in dark painted canaletto walnut.The shape is streamlined from the modern stone bronze base,...

3 258,00 €

Designer: Sandy RenkoType: Container cabinetCollection: CaccaroRoomy is part of a collection of modules designed to give you features to use in the things you do every day. This storage cabinet consists of two showcase modules, with two transparent glass push opening windows, rooms illuminated by remotely adjustable lights and internal glass shelves. The...

6 454,00 € 9 220,00 € -30%

Designer: Dante BonuccelliType: Mobile systemCollection: PassYear: 2016 Dante Bonuccelli interprets modernity preferring to volumes the lightness and flexibility of suspended floors.Also designed for the dining area, the system offers maximum design freedom: containers on the ground or suspended, various types of opening and special pieces such as Grado°...

4 946,21 € 7 494,26 € -34%

Designer: Rudolph DordoniType: BeliefCollection: Morrison The Morrison container system escapes the idea of seriality and fully expresses the concept of custom-made, developing a collection that extends its use also to the sleeping area, with various types of bedside tables and weekly. Morrison's base is available in three versions: on the ground and...

3 143,98 € 3 454,92 € -9%

Designer: Tontonio CitterioType: ContainerCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2014the convivium container evokes the mechanism of the roto-translating system for opening the doors applied on the new backstage cabinets. It fills a void, that of the large wardrobe that can live with the furnishings of the dining area and contain, in dedicated spaces, everything...

11 865,00 € 16 950,00 € -30%

Designer: Antonio CitterioType: SideboardCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2014Swing doors close the cupboards that develop into four variants, with two different heights and lengths. The closed volumes rest on the snappy structure that gives the whole, despite the overall height, a sense of lightness. East, modernity and tradition: everything merges with great...

3 304,33 € 3 754,92 € -12%

Design Toan NguyenCapacious container of rare formal elegance embellished with diamond-cut doors with coplanar mechanism or simple swinging doors.Oak and Black Nickel color, cm.270x54x70

4 208,25 € 5 611,00 € -25%

Designer: Emanuela Garbin and Mario Dell'OrtoType:Chest of drawers, container cabinetCollection: Gold flouYear: 2008Weekly seven-drawer montenapoleone available

9 052,00 € 11 315,00 € -20%

Designer: Pinuccio BorgonovoType: Dresser, chest of drawersCollection: flou Natural, flou ColorfulYear: 2010The elegance of these furnishing accessories edged "flush"

1 060,80 € 1 248,00 € -15%
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