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A design console is a piece of furniture that allows you to have an additional support on which to rest on which to place summable in your home. You could choose any console, but if you've happened here it means you're looking for an original, high-quality product at the right price.

The consoles of our design furniture store at outlet prices bea...

A design console is a piece of furniture that allows you to have an additional support on which to rest on which to place summable in your home. You could choose any console, but if you've happened here it means you're looking for an original, high-quality product at the right price.

The consoles of our design furniture store at outlet prices bear the names of the big Italian design houses, but they have sharply lowered prices. Here's an FAQ of questions and resports to help you choose the right console for your needs.

What are the best design consoles for living room décor?

Thefurniture of the living room often provides for the presence of a console to support the TV or simply as empty pockets or piece of furniture. A perfect console for any stylish lounge is Maxalto's Eileen console, with matching Lazy designer armchair. This real living room set allows an immediate combination between the armchairs and the console, designed to support super-furniture or medium-weight objects, such as a TELEVISION.

The design of this console is simple and distinct, which is why it adapts excellently to different environments. Similar in style, but more massive, we find the Solitaire console of the famous Zeus. With a removable structure and rounded corners, it is an ideal piece of furniture for the living room with a Made In Italy and elegant taste.

What are the best minimal design consoles?

Among the timeless design pieces in minimal style we find the Phatos console by Maxalto. This medium-sized console with rounded corners is characterized by a coating in white Calacatta marble, black Marquinia marble or green Guatemalan marble. The support structure is extremely light, thanks to the thin drawn polished chrome steel, which give this shelf an ethereus appearance.

The big names in design who signed our consoles...

Among the great names of Made In Italy design we find Maxalto, Zeus, Tonin Casa, whose consoles have become real jewels in Italian homes. Buying a furniture of these signatures is synonymous with warranty and durability. In fact, the choice of materials is taken care of in the smallest detail to best marry the creativity of the art produced by the designer.

The italian design house Maxalto has always been a protagonist in the world of furniture thanks to its luxury and elegant furniture. Zeus 's signature is a guarantee of modernity and lightness, while the touch of Tonin Casa is recognizable for classic furniture, but always current.

Choose the right material for your design console

The design consoles can be of the most varied materials. You will find wooden, glass, plexiglass consoles, but not only. Some designers with an original taste are distinguished by the production materials of designer furniture. This is the case of the Colosseum sideboard of Tonin Casa. A container – console with a vintage flavor, consisting of dark painted canaletto walnut, which gives it the characteristic geometric style. The base is made of stone bronze, while the interior shelves in extra clear transparent glass. The incredible attention to detail for the choice of materials makes this console a real well of treasures.

Where to place a console in the design décor?

Finding the right spot for your console requires a thorough study of your room. You'll first have to ask yourself:

  • For what purpose will I use the console? The answer to this question can tell you a lot about the ideal location for your console: if your purpose is to use it as a support for the TV will go to a central position of the room, if instead you want to use it as a empty pocket it will go to the entrance area etc...
  • What space do I have available? If you want to place your console in a corridor the easiest option will be to satin it of your wall. If you have a large room, you can choose more freely the right point for your new cabinet, trying to identify the area where the console is most accessible for daily use.

Why choose Italian Design Outlet to buy a piece of furniture?

Italian Design Outlet has been dealing with design furniture at discounted prices for years:we select only the best signatures in the design world to be able to offer you large offers. In our catalog you can find reduced prices of up to 50% on strictly Made In Italy products.

We rely on the best shipping companies to allow you a fast and smooth delivery of your new piece of furniture, which you can choose from the comfort of our e-commerce. Forget the long queues at the checkout and the full price, with our design furniture outlet you will always want to buy some news for your home!


Designer: Gino CarolloType: ConsoleCollection :BonaldoGino Carollo designs the AX console for Bonaldo with the intention of eliminating the superfluous to return to formal simplicity. The peculiarity of the base is given by the two metal "sheets", which together create an inverted V, has been able to combine modern and dynamic shapes with elements...

890,91 € 1 781,82 € -50%

Designer: Gino CarolloType: ConsoleCollection :BonaldoThe Amondconsole, designed by Gino Carollo forBonaldo, presents an elegant play of contrasts between the top and the metal base characterized by the absence of full volumes. And it is precisely the alternation between empty and full volumes that makes the base seem suspended in a vacuum, communicating...

987,01 € 1 974,02 € -50%

Designer: Giulio MarelliType: ConsoleSimple structure in metal and black crystal. Frame is a very transversal product that can be inserted in any contract or living furniture.

536,07 € 893,44 € -40%

Designer: Plurimo DesignType: Shelf/ConsoleCollection : The New ContemporaryTwo curved metal wings meet in a wooden insert, creating a design that decorates the wall on which it rests. Console and shelf at the same time, Albatros lends itself to different environments, thanks to the range of colors available. Finishes in stone bronze, white ver- niciato...

564,00 €

Designer: Maurizio PeregalliType: ConsoleCollection :ZeusSlim is a low console with a steel angular structure (30mm x 30mm x 5mm) painted on semi-opaque black or metallic grey epoxy powders. The top is available in sheet metal in color with the structure, or in acidic crystal glass. Proposed in two different measures.A low console with a minimal style...

330,00 € 600,00 € -45%

OUT-OF-CATALOGUE PRODUCTDesigner: Maurizio PeregalliType: ConsoleCollection :Zeus 2008Stainless steel is a console that can also be used as a support desk if necessary, with a die-folded sheet metal structure of polished stainless steel and mirror finish. An element with a minimal design born from a process of subtraction of the superfluous, designed by...

440,00 € 800,00 € -45%

OUT-OF-CATALOGUE PRODUCTDesigner: Maurizio PeregalliType: ConsoleCollection :Zeus 2006Solitaire is a console with a removable structure with rounded corners and a near-folded natural sheet metal shelf. Treatment of black phosphate, final fixing with beeswax. Conceived by Maurizio Peregalli from a search for simplicity and rigor of form, Solitaire was...

357,50 € 650,00 € -45%

OUT-OF-CATALOGUE PRODUCTDesigner: Maurizio PeregalliType: TV portCollection: Zeus 2005Plasma TV console. Low shelf and rotating panel tv door in natural sheet metal folded. Treatment of black phosphate, final fixing with beeswax. Universal hooks to secure the screen. Maximum recommended size screen 42". Big Irony phosphate sheet products deliberately have...

385,00 € 700,00 € -45%

Designer: Antonio Citterio Type: Console Collection: Maxalto Year: 2003Not only console, but also divisive element of an environment.

3 621,77 € 5 659,02 € -36%

Designer: Antonio CitterioType: Console and ArmchairCollection:MaxaltoComposition:1x Armchair Lazy '05 Maxalto1x Eileen Maxalto

2 476,93 € 3 810,66 € -35%

Designer: Antonio CitterioType: ConsoleCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2011Pathos is the evolution of the max table whose structure in polished chromed steel changes.

1 662,30 € 2 557,38 € -35%
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