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The built-in design spotlights are lighting accessories present in almost any décor. They are in fact useful for those points of the house that require targeted and harmonious lighting, circumscribed in small spaces. Recessed lamps can be used in the bathroom, corridors, outdoor environments, or in all places that require special design lighting...

The built-in design spotlights are lighting accessories present in almost any décor. They are in fact useful for those points of the house that require targeted and harmonious lighting, circumscribed in small spaces. Recessed lamps can be used in the bathroom, corridors, outdoor environments, or in all places that require special design lighting.

You will find design farets in different Hotels, Spas, Art Galleries and Interior Design studios. This is because the filler is an ally for those who want to show off a particular point within a space, both inside and outside.

What are the most famous design recessed spotlights?

Among the most famous design recessed spotlights we find the Day Inc Leucos Lamp, a white satin crystal glass spotlight with a transparent crystal tip. This jewel of lighting bears the signature of Toso, Massari & Associates,the trio that won very important awards, such as the Interzum-Kohl Prize, IBD-Award-USA, has created design works on display at museums around the world including Palazzo Grassi in Venice, the Louvre in Paris and the MOMA in New York.

How to choose recessed spotlights for bathroom?

Isn't a single filler enough for you? The Tetris Rectangular recessed system Buzzi & Buzzi has become a famous solution for those who have to illuminate larger sections. Thecompany Buzzi & Buzzi has distinguished itself indesign furniture for its attention to environmental impact, with a constant ethical commitment expressed above all through AirCoral®. AirCoral® is a new innovative material, designed by Buzzi & Buzzi, eco-active, anti-pollutant, photocatalytic and antibacterial. AirCoral® made the company famous, thanks to its bactericidal action that allows this material to counteract pathogens in domestic environments.

This trio of faretti is ideal for environments such as the bathroom,in fact it allows complete lighting of the classic small and longitudinal spaces, giving you the light suitable to illuminate the bathroom with this recessed lamp.

How to decide the size of the recessed spotlights?

Choosing the right size for ceiling farets can be a feat. Recessed spotlights of a size of 10 to 15 cm in diameter are suitable for domestic or commercial use, while lamps with smaller dimensions are usually used in home furnishings.

What does dichroic lamp mean?

The SD Expo' Leucos is an example of a dichroic recessed lamp,but what does this term mean? Diachronic lamps are incandescent lamps that reflect visible light thanks to an ampo ampo ampo of lamps. Dichroic lamps are very efficient and not very exogenous, since they have a power ranging from 20 to 50 Watts.

What are the best small recessed LED spotlights?

In addition to the dichroiclamps, in our lighting design shop you will also find small recessed spotlights with halogen lamps. These lamps are particularly suitable for ceilings and allow maximum lighting in a small design object. Among our models the best example of a small halogen lamp is the SD Baia Leucos Lamp, also available in the wonderful satinat aquamare color.

Where to buy designer recessed spotlights online?

On our Italian Design Outlet website you will find the best choice of recessed design spotlights at discounted prices. We have a wide selection of carefully selected Made In Italy faretti to offer you the highest quality of an excellent design product at the most affordable price.

By ordering a product on our e-commerce you will have your design lamp with the best certified shipping quickly. You will be sure to receive your product with all the guarantees of an e-commerce that for years has been dealing throughout Europe with design for hotels, spas, restaurants and home homes. Choose the right lamp for your rooms online!


Type: Square recessCollection: RecessedMaxi Bild's linear design, which integrates into space, creates a decisive and delicate light that enhances the purity of the shapes. Total retractable recessed from Coral interior® for ceiling installation of drywall or brick.A synthesis of efficiency and elegance, Maxi Bild allows endless design solutions: a...

217,50 € 271,87 € -20%

Type: Rectangular recess with triple light sourceCollection: RecessedTetris, a recessed interior of rectangular shape with total disappearance with triple light source in AirCoral®. Designed for the installation of plasterboard in the ceiling equipped with adjustable eye mechanics. The light, emanating from three relegated sources of 50 mm, fits perfectly...

144,07 € 180,09 € -20%

Type: Recessed spotlightCollection: ArgoRecessed ceiling luminaire characterized by a wide range of fixed and adjustable optics and frames. Especially suitable for lighting sensitive environments and objects, thanks to its sources free of infrared and ultraviolet rays.Attention: projectors can be sold WITH or WITHOUT lamp.Characteristics:+ Body and frame...

2,48 € 3,30 € -25%

Designer: Toso, Massari and Associates Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosRecessed lamp in white satin crystal glass with transparent crystal tip.

70,50 € 94,00 € -25%

72,00 € 96,00 € -25%

Designer: Roberto Pamio Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosCeiling lamp, in satin glass, available in transparent crystal color.

63,75 € 85,00 € -25%

Designer:Leucos Design Team Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosRecessed lamp, partially satin crystal glass diffuser. Metal frame. Available in glossy yellow and glossy blue versions.

87,00 € 116,00 € -25%

Designer: Anny Talli Nencioni Type: Ceiling lamp and recessedCollection: LeucosCeiling and recessed lamp, glass diffuser worked entirely by hand. Chrome metal frame.

24,75 € 33,00 € -25%

Designer: Style Office by Aureliano Toso Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosPolished crystal blown glass ceiling lamp. Satin nickel metal frame.

19,50 € 26,00 € -25%

Designer: Style Office Type: Recessed lampCollection: iTre by LeucosDirect light dichroic recessed lamp, pressed and satin crystal glass diffuser, white color. Galvanized metal frame.

95,20 € 136,00 € -30%

Designer: Carlo Nason Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosDirect light dichroic recessed lamp or incandescent. Galvanized metal frame. Pressed glass diffuser available in satin white or colorless glossy colors.

63,70 € 91,00 € -30%

Designer: Mauro Marzollo Type: Recessed lampCollection: LeucosRecessed halogen lamp, painted galvanized metal support, diffuser available in colorless glossy crystal, satin white or satin aquamare versions.

60,20 € 86,00 € -30%
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