Bonaldo, a company with a great design history

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Bonaldo, a company with a great design history

Bonaldo, a company with a great history of design and an even greater future.

Bonaldo is one of the brands that we have the pleasure of hosting on Italian Design Outlet, a multifaceted Italian company that has established itself on the international scene for its refined style and product quality. On Italian Design Outlet,you will find tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas Bonaldo at a very discounted price.

Bonaldo was founded in 1936 in Padua as a company specialized in metalworking. It is in this context that a remarkable manual skill and a deep knowledge of techniques and materials develop. This wealth of skills represents "the starting point" for the company's history.

Over the years he began to specialize in the production of beds and mattresses, an area that has maintained a strong grip even in the present Bonaldo , able to amaze and excite with a collection of double and single beds with a highly refined design without sacrificing quality and comfort.

The real turning point of the company, however, took place in 1971, the debut year of the company of the real world of Design, an important debut since the first collection of beds and folding nets is presented, at the most important fair in the sector Il Salone del Mobile. It is in this period that the important transition from artisanal to industrial reality takes place.
From that moment began the great collaborations with designers first Italian and then international.
Big names, such as Carlo Bartoli,who will then continue the collaboration with the company for all the years to come, designing for Bonaldo furnishings awarded with the greatest honors in the world of design.

Bonaldo's style continues to evolve and thanks to collaborations with designers from all over the world he is able to see and interpret cosmopolitan trends and inspirations, creating furniture recognized and appreciated all over the world.

On Italian design Outlet you can find some of Bonaldo's iconic pieces at outlet price, a large collection that ranges from the most modern products to the most refined and elegant ones, offering a precise answer to every furnishing need.

One of the most iconic pieces is definitely The Big Table,designed Bonaldo by Belgian designer Alain Gilles. The Big Table, which has just turned 10 years old, has become one of the most important and recognizable pieces, included by Interni magazine among the most iconic design products in contemporary history. An unconventional and at the same time classic table, winner of the Good Design Awards 2009. You can find Big Table with a 50% discount on Italian Design Outlet. A piece of design history, with a great scenic impact, at the price of outlets.

Big Table Bonaldo

On Italian Design Outlet you can also find the Octa table of Bonaldo at a special price. Awarded the Good Design Awardin 2013, Octa is a truly very attractive model, which has won this prestigious award that is usually awarded to the most innovative products. The designer is one of the most important designers in the history of Italian design, Carlo Bartoli, awarded with the Compasso d'Oro for his career the highest honor in the world for designers. Octa takes its name from its eight legs inspired by the Shanghai game, real protagonists of its design. Octa is versatile, adapts to different styles of furniture and will make your environment always contemporary.

Octa Bonaldo

Another winner of the Good Design Award is the Cop table by Bonaldo, awarded this time in 2017, designed by Roberto Paoli,a Milanese designer known all over the world.

Cop is really an unconventional table. Conviviality, the primary function of the table, is told by the designer: "The concept from which Cop starts is inspired by a walk in Central Park in New York: the skyscrapers of the Big Apple are reflected in the lake by stand out at the top and bottom. Objects that are reflected in water can be exchanged or moved, but what remains, what is real is their reflection, the memory of their function, as in a painting".

Cop Bonaldo

Also Cop on Italian Design Outlet with a maxi discount of 50%!
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Another very important section is that of Bonaldoupholstery, sofas and armchairs that combine a high stylistic research also functional research and a great attention to materials and above all to comfort. Details, raw materials and craftsmanship.

First of all we want to introduce you to the Panoramasofa, designed by Fabrice Berrux Bonaldo. You will be surprised by both the design and the 50% discount! The designer French has created a sofa in which a modular sofa, in which customization and creativity reach their maximum expression, thanks to the hexagonal modules that compose the sofa.

But Divani models are Bonaldo 50% discounted, they don't end there, discover them all.

To each his chair! Chairs are a fundamental element in interior design. They must be comfortable, functional and aesthetically harmonious with the rest the context.

Bonaldo is definitely also known for its chairs, some of the most famous models are Poly designed by the archistar Karim Rashid, unfortunately not available, and Venus,designed by Bartoli.

Venere Bonaldo

Venus is a sinuous and elegant chair, comfortable and modern. The perfect companion for Big Table. The Big Table - Venus combination was recently chosen by Mariano di Vaio, a young Umbrian entrepreneur and one of the most famous male fashion influencers in the world according to Forbes, to furnish the meeting room of the NoHow headquarters.

We conclude this small review of the products and style Bonaldo with a look at the armchairs. On The Italian Design Outlet you can find a wide selection of armchairs Bonaldo 50% discounted.

Nikos poltrincine, characterized by a soft and captivating design that invitesrelaxation, two complementary shades to combine with personality in each living area.

Bruno di Bonaldo on the other hand, is part of a line of sophisticated armchairs, designed by Mauro Lipparini,suitable for important living areas, which are born to furnish offices, meeting rooms and waiting rooms with elegance and comfort.

Bruno Bonaldo

Not just padded! With a mention at the Best of Year award, Eddy armchair designed by Alain Gilles takes his place in the olympus of design. Eddy is inspired by the world of cycling, the fixie vintage bicycles, which refer to the time when the roads were undead and cyclists heroes. And it is precisely to a myth of cycling, winner of the Giro d'Italia to which the Eddy armchair is dedicated.

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An elegance made of details and a sophisticated use of raw materials, carefully selected and combined in a refined way, on processes that recall the craftsmanship of every detail. A reassuring choice, with a strong stylistic figure.