Contardi, "Couturier della luce", now on Italian Design Outlet.

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Contardi,"Couturier of light". The lighting company Brianzola, now on Italian Design Outlet.

Contardi,"Couturier of light". The lighting company Brianzola, now on Italian Design Outlet.

Discounts from 40 to 70% on a wide range of out-of-collection Contardi products, latest pieces that will be available at a very discounted price on Italian Design Outlet!

Contardi was born in Cesano Maderno, in the Brianza district, one of the beating hearts of "made in Italy" manufacturing and is today all over the world a recognizable and reliable reference for those who design: architects, interior decorators and lighting designers who are looking forilluminazione decorative and functional lighting.

Thanks to its sartorial approach, particularly appreciated in the execution of the product, the variety of materials used and the elegance of the finishes combined with the most innovative LED technologies, Contardi has earned the name of "Couturier of light", thus describing a modern and transversal company.

Decoration and functionality are the characteristics that represent the Contardi Collection:a wide range of decorative models for indoor and outdoor use. Refined materials and finishes are combined with the most innovative LED technologies and digital dimmability systems.

On Italian Design Outlet you can find many models of out-of-collection Contardi lamps at very discounted prices, up to70%! Here are some recommendations to choose the right lighting for your rooms.

Let's start with a review of contardi table lamps. Whether you are looking for classic shapes and styles, or you are looking for more modern proposals Contardi will be able to interpret your needs.

The first piece we want to present to you is a piece with a contemporary design and a strong personality: Agata. Agata is a table lamp that can embellish your living room but also your bedroom. The real gold leaf finish gives it a luxurious and evocative touch. Agata manages to orient the light and... the mood!


If you are looking for something classic but at the same time original you will not be able to resist the ClocheTable Lamp, the pagoda shape resembles the Asian atmosphere. The simplicity of the structure emphasizes the contrast, as well as the finishes do on the lampshade. Eclectic and timeless, it represents the Contardi style and mood.

Cloche Contardi

Let's change style and move on to Kira,a table lamp that wants and needs to be shown. Kira is contardi's "Maserati", paying tribute to the famous Italian brand. Mirror and geometric pattern reminiscent of fashion icons. Kira is elegant and simple and leaves an unmistakable mark.

Kira Contardi

We can't help but introduce you to Shape. Sinuous and elegant with sharp profiles to accentuate the design: when an object can turn into light. Fabric vases to decorate any environment and play with lights and shadows. Three shapes that can become endless for projects, colors and design.

Shape Contardi

But contardi table lamps are many more, discover them all

Are you looking for a floor lamp? Here, too, there are many proposals from Contardi.

An evocative lamp perfect for both the living room and your bedroom is the Terra Athena XL lamp by Contardi. A model where materials combine, where the rigor of metal meets the softness of the fabric, which creates a soft and welcoming light. Material fabrics and black nickel finish create a sense of balance and a couturier touch.

Athena Contardi

In name and in fact: "Divine". Divina in its version from ground to arch is a classic real, adaptable also in many different contexts. The pleated fabric lampshade and the simple lines of its design make DIVINA a timeless model.

Divina Contardi

Let's close with Rectangle. A classy and functional lamp, but with a touch of lightness. Strong but thin lines combined with soft materials and finishes. Rectangle, as well as the Quadra, represents the first steps of contardi's collection and has an important part in the "Classics" section.

Rettangola Contardi

Of course the Contardi floor lamps do not end here, discover them all. Even when it comes to wall lamps,you'll be spoilt for choice.

Let's start with the beautiful Messalina. Messalina applique is a blown glass wall lamp and then "vacuum metallic", a technique that gives a touch of magic and a play of suggestive transparencies. Shade and light, retro shapes with a contemporary look. The charm of the shapes in a little retro combined with the magic of metallic glass and its transparencies. Bronze for a sophisticated environment, chromium for a contemporary and lively environment. Think, first of all, as suspensions for restaurants, clubs, receptions, but with a growing location in residential, as a group suspension on important dining tables or in modern "salles de bains", increasingly rich and detailed environments.

Messalina Contardi

Let's continue with the Belle family. The Belle family is inspired by the retro taste of school bells that marked the times of the intervals. A functional sculpture, an immaculate execution of Belle that manages to hide its function to a more careful investigation. The visual contrast between exterior and interior emphasizes the designer's game over expectations. Born as a ceramic element, it is now also thought of in hand and blown glass for the small version.

Belle Contardi

If instead you are looking for a more "smart" and modern wall lamp. Contardi icon template. Flexiled is characterized by high quality standards, starting with the use of a flexible brass arm that guarantees solidity and absence of squeak even after a very prolonged use; a high level of engineering and dissipation of the LED, ensure that the temperature on the head remains within the correct limits even after 24 hours of uninterrupted use. Available in the "STEEL" version with the flexible arm covered with a braided steel mesh then wrapped in a transparent sheath.

Flexiled Contardi

The Contardi style as you have seen is refined and multifaceted and can respond to classic but also modern aesthetic tastes, without ever losing its soul and essence.

Take advantage of outlet prices to enrich your home with Italian design lighting, we remind you that they are last pieces with limited availability,do not miss them. You can find a great selection of Contardi lamps here on Italian DesignOutlet,with discounts of up to 70%.