Furnish a small living room | The advice of Italian Design Outlet

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Furnish a small living room to make it look bigger and more welcoming. A challenge that may seem unsurpassed, but with a few precautions Italian Design Outlet wants to help you in the search for solutions that intelligently exploit every space available, thus transforming a small living room into a functional and impactful grande impatto living room. spazio

The living room is usually the most important area of the house, our business card, the room where we welcome guests and spend the most time, the heart of the house where we love to relax and gather the whole family. So, in addition to being beautiful and welcoming, it also needs some precautions to become harmonious and welcoming,especially if you have tight spaces.

The choice of colors

When we dedicate ourselves to the décor of a small space,in this case the living room, the easiest way to expand the space is to focus on light colors,taking advantage sfumature of soft and delicate shades,from the walls to the furniture, to keep the room bright, welcoming and inviting.

Choosing the protagonist of the room

Once you have identified the shades on which to focus, the first thing to do is to focus on choosing the right protagonist of the room and consequently the side of the living room that will host it. In most cases, it is the sofa dimensioni ridotte that is the undisputed protagonist of the living room,which will have to be small in size and at the sametime comfortable, from the design combined with the style of the furnishings to the coating in color with the shades chosen previously. And why not maybe, a comfortable dresser under the sofa, could be the ideal solution to put order in the management of a limited space.

Small-size solutions

Alternative solution to furnish a small living room, is to opt for the choice for example of two designer armchairs,in combination with the chosen style, perhaps around a low table,to make it prettier and more welcoming. Ottomans, low seats, benches and stools,could be the right complements in the scheme of a small living room; on our site you can find examples of design solutions that meet those aesthetic and functionality needs this case.

The Unexpected Protagonist

Whether square or rectangular, ourliving room could have an unexpected protagonist: the bookcase. In fact, there are several proposals that combine space management and design, quality libreria materials and precious details, preziosiwhich allow for example to place a two-sided bookcase in the center of the room, creating new volumes and logical sense, or more simply as a wall protagonist in the long side of a rectangular living room, welcoming books and televisions, in front of a sofa. materiali

The choice of carpet

Another useful precaution, where it is not possible to take advantage of light and bright floors,is to play with the measurements and colors of the carpet. To avoid the suffocation effect and give each piece of furniture the right liveability,we recommend choosing a carpet in proportion to the size of the room and the placement of the furnishings. The carpet outlines the space.

Materials and lines

Container furniture, scafalli, beliefs must be chosen not only according to the style initially declined, but also according to criteria of functionality and practicality:little space implies the choice of essential elements and that if necessary can be moved with ease. The choice of materials can also help make the living room look bigger; metal, plastic and glass are materials, which combined with the choice of straight and simple lines,can communicate lightness,order and airiness. The important thing is that the tones are clear. A concept that we find in minimalfurniture,a style that certainly lends itself to the furnishing of small spaces.

Recover space

luminoso Doors and windows also play a role in this asset: the total elimination of doors where possible or the replacement with sliding doors and windows,can be a choice that allows you to recover space and at the same time make our living room brighter and ampio wider. And why not maybe, add a large mirror, even if it may seem like an old school device, it is still effective, deceiving the prfondità.

Furnishing a small living room, therefore, is not impossible. With these few precautions you can give a welcoming and harmonious look to your stay,without forgetting that at the base there must always be harmony, order and balance; size matters and superfluous stona.

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