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Ceiling plate: Buying guide

Ideal for lighting up any room without stealing valuable space.

What are ceiling plates?

Ceiling lamp means a ceiling lamp without cables or support supports, to be installed on ceilings or even walls; unlike other home lamps, it can be used in any room, especially in confined environments, without stealing precious space. The small size, wide choice, sceltaease of assembly,quality of lighting, versatility and low consumption consumi make the ceiling light one of the most popular solutions compared to the traditional chandelier. Although ideally recognized in its characteristic "sole" shape, nowadays it is presented under numerous different versions, the market offers a wide choice not only with regard to size,but also from the point of viewof colors, materials and finishes.

How to choose the right ceiling light

The importance of choosing the right lighting for your environments is a fundamental step in the act of furnishing your home. The light enhances the furniture and creates the atmosphere you want to convey, reflecting our personality. But tying the choice of the ceiling light to the aesthetic fact alone could prove to be a mistake. It is important to be guided to purchase also by the technical characteristics of the device, its functionality with respect to the room and the light source. When opting for a diffusely lit lamp such as the ceiling light,the first thing to do is to choose between luminosa a halogen or LED light source.

LED lamps are especially suggested for passage rooms such as the hallway or an entrance since they offer instant lighting; on the market there are multiple solutions with energy savings and low consumption. For living rooms such as the living room or kitchen, the halogen ceiling light will allow you to give a warmer and more constant light to the whole environment.

Once the light source is chosen, the second step involves choosing the right size for the type of room to be illuminated. Usually a ceiling light with a diameter of 30 cm generally adapts to rooms the size of bathrooms, closets and corridors/hallways; on the contrary, a large room such as a living room will benefit from optimal lighting by choosing a large ceiling light, currently of great trend, or the application of several light points following the lines of the décor.

Last but not least, the aesthetic factor. A ceiling light – and a lamp in general – represents not only a functional element but also a piece of furniture, capable of enriching the rooms and creating atmosphere. Our choice must therefore be suggested by the furniture present in the room, recalling geometric shapes already present, colors and finishes that can be combined, a style that reflects the existing one.


In addition to led ceiling lights and halogen ceiling lights, which are two different types of light sources, our choice will inevitably fall also on a style. Depending on the existing furniture, the color of the walls Come scegliere la giusta illuminazione per la propria casaand other small suggestions that you can find in the article How to choose the right lighting for your home, it will be important to understand the right combination and atmosphere that we would like to convey, going to opt among the various existing styles: classic ceiling lighting, classiche from the traditional fabric cylinder to the elegant shapes of the glass ceiling machines, rich in elegant details; modern ceiling lights, with the most varied lines and shapes, characterized by the use of avant-garde materials and bright color combinations; design ceiling lights, which offer a perfect combination of beauty and functionality; vintage ceiling lamps,with noble materials and details of the past; plafoniere murano glass ceiling metal; minimal ceiling metal, minimalwith a simple and pure style.

Where to buy the best ceiling rules at the best price?

La selezione di Italian Design Outlet vuole offrire attraverso il suo catalogo prodotti rigorosamente Made in Italy, nati dalla passione e dall'esperienza artigiana. L'offerta spazia dalle plafoniere classiche alle plafoniere minimal, dalle plafoniere in vetro veneziano alle plafoniere in tessuto con inserti in cristallo, dal design senza tempo delle proposte Leucos alle realizzazioni eleganti e vintage di Light4; plafoniere da soffitto, plafoniere da parete, plafoniere moderne a led, applique di design, ad ognuno la sua! Acquistare plafoniere online non è mai stato così facile, sfogliando il catalogo comodamente da casa propria e trovando tutte le informazioni necessarie per scegliere la giusta plafoniera per il tuo ambiente, al b prezzo.
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