Lampada a sospensione | Come scegliere la giusta illuminazione per la propria casa

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How to choose the right pendant lamp?

A question that is often almost put aside when it comes to making choices, because many times we allow ourselves to be guided by the sole inspiration of aesthetic sense, almost guided by that impulsive and unso reasoned purchase that, in most cases, turns into a rash purchase and that you will regret.

Choosing the right chandelier requires a reasoned process and a long search, because choosing the right lighting is fundamental to create harmony in the home è fondamentale per creare armonia negli ambienti environments and give that touch of personality that will make our space unique. How many times have we seen a chandelier hanging too low, disproportionate in size or materials and colors that do not match with the surrounding furnishings?

Italian Design Outlet will try in this short article to suggest the fundamental aspects to be taken into account for the choice of the right pendant lamp, adapting to the environment in terms of function, design and technical characteristics.


The function of the chandelier

An important factor for choosing the right chandelier is understanding its function. Whether it is to illuminate a soggiorno bedroom, living room or kitchen, wemust always take into account that there are three types of light: general lighting, area lighting and ambient lighting.

For generallighting,the pendant lamp has the task of illuminating the entire room; in the caseof ambient lighting,it is usually used on tables creating a light that, through the body of the lampshade, concentrates in order to illuminate everything that happens above the table; pendant chandeliers can be used for both genre and decorative lighting, and sometimes the same model can be used in both cases.

Another important factor is the size: usually its diameter is calculated proportionally as 1/12 of the room, while if we choose a suspension to be applied over a table it is advisable to choose a lamp 30cm smaller than the longer length of the table.

As well as the size, the height at which we choose to get our lamp to is also a fundamental factor: in the center of the room, the distance between the floor and the edge of the lamp should be 210cm, while if a distance of 80-100cm between the table and the edge of the lamp is recommended above a table.

The key role is played by design

Pendant lamps are available in a variety of styles, from modern to classic, from rustic to industrial, from vintage to the most avant-garde experiments, from minimal to tiffany; choosing the right style to combine with the furnishings is a fundamental step. After choosing the right proportion and function, all that remains is to find the ideal style that restores balance to the environment. The wide variety of finishes, colors and shapes that the market offers will stimulate our choice, trying to impress bella in the combinations that touch of style that makes our room harmonious and beautiful.

The technical characteristics and an eye to consumption

The choice of light bulb for our chandelier can fall between a classic, where the clear appearance of filament emission is conditioned by a high energy consumption and a low waist; or it can fall back into an energy-saving light bulb,where we will find lessconsumption, a longer service life and a spiral optics; or we could opt for an LED bulb,with a clear and opaque optics, a life of up to fifty times longer and a saving of up to 90% energy.

Another aspect to take into account is the possibility of buying a lamp that has already integrated the lighting system into the lamp architecture, so as not to have to replace the bulb.

The choice of light color ,measured with the Kelvin unit of measurement, will also be fundamental: we often notice the difference between the different colors of the light emitted, such as warm white (less than 3300k), universal white (from 3300k to 5300k), or daylight (over 5300k). Each light has its ideal location: warm white is best suited for living spaces, universal white for study or kitchen, while daylight is more suitable, for example, for cellars.

The pendant lamp, therefore, with its break-in in the center of the room, has the possibility to become the undisputed protagonist in the center of the space, contributing not only to the visual impact, but also to the significant influence it can give to the entire room, falling within a much wider concept of lighting and furnishings.

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