Leucos: luce sull’azienda veneziana che interpreta l’arte del vetro in un design moderno dal respiro internazionale.

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Today we are talking aboutLeucos, a company that was founded in 1962 in the Venetian and has been aiming for excellence since then becoming from the beginning a reference point in thedecorative lighting sector. The lampsLeucos have always been distinguished in the panorama of Italian design, that of "handmade", that of artistic craftsmanship. The craftsmanship of murano glass is combined with technology, giving life to iconic and contemporary lamps.

On Italian Design Outlet you can find a wide selection of lamps Leucos at very discounted prices. From the famous JJ Leucos Lamp, an icon of lighting design, designed by Jac Jacobsen - from which JJ - and reissued byLeucos, to the latest ceiling lights and murano glass suspensions.

Here are some advice to juggle the choice.

The Leucos

Let's start with the ceiling ers, one of the strong points of the company. The collection of ceiling Leucos ranges from classic ceiling machines to those with a more modern design. The meeting point is always the preciousness of materials and technological innovation.

Alba lamp is a tribute to murano glass, a tribute to venetian color and tradition. A handmade and blown glass ceiling lamp with multicolored murrine.

Leucos | Alba ceiling light

From multicolored glass, to the ethereal elegance of white. The Aporia Lamp, inspired by nature, recalls a flower, in fact note the decorative detail with artistic workmanship in solid crystal and submerged gold leaf, which can be illuminated separately for an environmental /artistic effect.

For the most romantic, for dreamers and dreamers, however, there is nothing better than a Full Moon lamp, a playful and light full moon, also available in colored applique version and table.

Has a world opened up to you? If you want to find out more about the ceiling plates read our article on the ceilingers.

The Suspensions Leucos

Now we get to another category that makes us beat our hearts: suspensions. The ceiling lamps Leucos redesign the space, offering a wide range of suspensions. From the Great JJ lamp,a reimagining of the iconic JJ, from the clean and classic design to the minimal and elegant Sydney. From the refined Tube lamp in glass to the elegant and imposing Vanity with pleated fabric lampshade. Leucos offers variety of suspension lamps able to satisfy all tastes!

Leucos | Great JJ lamp

Lighting,as we know, plays a very important role in interior design, it can completely change the atmosphere of a room, both in terms of light and complement design. The lamps Leucos interpret light in an alternation of minimal and eccentric, classic and modern shapes.

The resulting light, however, knows how to enhance every environment.

The table lamps Leucos

We continue with the bestLeucos at special prices and introduce the table lamp category with the iconic and timeless JJ. JJ, from Jacob, is an impact lamp, the archetype of the table lamp, for reading.

Leucos | JJ lamp

If you want to dare and love the modern and industrial style, the Arketto lamp is the one for you.

Leucos | Arketto lamp

The Reverso lamp is a complement of pure modern design, clean and asymmetrical lines, colorful coating, pleasant on a cabinet, table or on the ground, offers different aesthetic and lighting solutions only by varying the position of support.

Ayers and Celine, on the other hand, represent a simpler and more discreet solution, while maintaining the charm of all the Leucos.

Finally, we cannot fail to show you another new arrival, the Moai table lamp. Polinesiana sculptural inspired, Moai is a support lamp composed of two satin white blown glass diffusers. Incredibly charming, elegant and exotic.

Earth lamps Leucos

We proceed this exhibition in the world of lighting Leucos with a look at the floor lamps. Leucos offers a wide choice of floor lamps, responding to different furnishing needs. Lamps for the living area, for the sleeping area, office lamps or showrooms.

Functional and adaptable in any environment, they respond to the need of those who have to illuminate in style, for those who love localized and soft lights but also for those who do not like lighting from above.

Simple or scenic plantains are combined in domestic but also work environments, for your office, meeting room or waiting room.

Leucos | Mey TR lamp

The Wall Lamps Leucos

We conclude this exhibition in the world of lighting Leucos with a look at the Applique,the wall lamps. Here glass is once again the protagonist, sometimes it takes on the appearance of the fabric as in the Bauta Lamp,sometimes of an abstract painting as for the Deco Lamp,sometimes winks at vintage models of the 70s as in the case of the Cora lamp,others instead become the spokesperson of a refined elegance without time, as in the case of the Gio lamp.

Leucos | Gio lamp

The sinuous shapes of the Ally and Alea Lamp are perfectly combined in a pop and refined environment, giving personality to each wall, especially if colored.

If instead you have to furnish a bedroom for your little girl or the child or inside you the magic is still well alive, we can only recommend the very funny Unikorn lamp.

Leucos | Unikorn lamp

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