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The famous saying "Less is more" was born with the German-American master Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the middle of the last century, although some say that it is his mentor, the German designer Peter Behrens,who has the merit. Since this sentence so succinctly encompasses all the minimalist things, one can be forgiven for thinking that Mies van der Rohe was in favor of austere projects. But nothing could be further from the truth. That's because, as RIcorda, Mies: "God is in the details." The number of elements can be limited, but each can contribute powerfully to the visual impact. In the world of Minimal design, in fact, there is a much deeper sense that also relates to a way of life unrelated to useless and redundant material things. Believing that minimal furniture is synonymous with coldness and obviousness, is now a wrong common place. 'Less but better'means focusing on materialithe essentials, the details,thematerials, and so t adorn the purity, simplicity,get rid of the superfluous to focus on what matters.

The minimalist style

The Minimal style within a living space, turns into brightness, theiberity of movement, space; a space in which to find only the essentials,the one that proves really important and that captures attention. Fundamental peculiarities, therefore, are the absence of super-furniture and bulky and sophisticated decorations, the choice of neutral colors, modern materials, basic furniture and avant-garde lines. A concept that goes beyond that of design itself, which goes funzionalità well with an equally essential philosophy of modern life, in search of aesthetic gratification that lies in the simplicity and functionality that each object expresses.

The choice of colors

The décor, although simple, should express a presence in the room that balances both captivating and harmonious elements. For this reason choosing the right minimal furniture is not easy to implement, and the greatest risk is to fill the blanks with superfluous or un matchable objects. Our first advice is to start from the choice of colors: prefer neutral colors that can express cleanliness, brightness and purity is a decision in line with the concept; as well as favoring the contrasts between black and white; or opt for a courageous choice by inserting elements of a bright color such as red, going to break the chromatic monotony and thus giving character and personality to the environment. Clearly without interrupting that stylistic and chromatic consistency that we have chosen to implement in our initial project.

Materials in minimal furniture

The choice of materials is fundamental. In minimal furniture, materials play a central role: whether they are industrially produced or modernmaterials, the prerogative is that they are pleasant to the touch,durable over time, easy to clean, sustainable and that manage to transmit emotions. Glass, steel, aged wood, sheet metal and natural stone, are the main materials chosen to express a concept born from the refined quality and sustainability,in constant dialogue with innovation.

Shapes and space

Shapes and space. A crass to be inspired by. Last but not least, it is the role that these two concepts play in minimal furnishings. The aesthetic sense in its deepest meaning lies in the choice of furnishings that give a feeling of homogeneity and order in the entire environment: well-defined geometric shapes, pure and essential lines, balance in spaces. Whether it is the kitchen,the livingroom, the sleeping area or an office,the important thing is that the furniture best expresses lightness and a sense of freedom, thus avoiding veering on furniture that takes up excessive and superfluous leggerezza space, and that overall communicates balance and sobriety. senso di libertà

Even forminimal furnishings there is room for imagination: reducing the superfluous to the necessary does not mean removing, but making choices based on functionality, quality and essentiality.

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