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When aesthetics and functionality meet in thekitchen, artistic flair and human ingenuity give life to objects that are not only simple work tools, but real furnishing accessories. funzionalità And this is a trend that has had a surge also as a result of the winding of kitchens where everything, or at least a lot, is left exposed, where shelves and compartments take the place of chests of drawers, leaving freedom to expose simple everyday tools with a new approach, the libertà aestheticone , becoming exhibition complements. Functional, practical, but above all interesting objects; series of collections aimed at simplifying and at the same time enriching the experience of using cooking utensils. per cucinare

Italian Design Outlet has recently expanded its catalog to this oggetti di category, that of kitchen accessori da accessories, design objects that combine quality and functionality in the hottest place of the house, strictly born from the Passion Made in Italy.

knindustrie is an example of how, with few ingredients, it is possible to stand out in the international design scene internazionale in an ever-changing sector. Passion, courage and eco-sustainability, avant-garde, quality and attention. These are the elements that underel the basis of an Italian brand that enriches its collections every year by proposing ever new and impactful solutions, between visionary spirit and love for tradition.

knindustrie is a mission that goes from confrontation professionisti with great kitchen professionals, michelin-starred chefs, but also from the will of consumers and ordinary people, who with their experience have allowed to understand and improve all the limits, complications and disadvantages of modern tools that are found in today's kitchens. A combination of tradition and innovation, which is realized in a specific goal: to allow you to better experience the daily experience of cooking. A new way of interpreting the kitchen, towards refinement and practicality.

Nor is the ABCT collectionan example, a series of aluminum containers contenitori with nanotechnological non-stick coating that, depending on the depth and diameter, play the role of casserole, pan or pan in the kitchen. Available on our site, the classic ABCT versions in glossy white, or the ABCT Black glossy black version. In combination also the functional pliers and elegant mahogany lids that will also act as an underpentole.

Another example is the Glocal collection that was born from the meeting of the two words global and local, and stands as the meeting between the world of global cuisine and that of the great Italian culinary tradition: unusual shapes and innovative materials that meet ancient utensils, utensili from the salt snzel of sale the Himalayas to the classic wooden spoon of risotto, made of walnut. Particular mention goes to Glocal Tajin, a pot traditionally made of ceramic and reproduced in aluminum and teflon, with a polyester rope ring.

Lady Anne, on the other hand, is a coffee maker with a design inspired by the silver coffee services of the 1700s, and interprets in a contemporary and original way the physiognomy of ancient coffee pots; a classic-inspired accessory that mixes soft lines of the time with new shapes.

And how to forget The Omelette Tamagoyaki,the new pan of the Beyond Basic collection. Square in shape, it is made of nickel-free steel suitable for induction, with non-stick coating reinforced with diamond crystals and a thickness designed to distribute heat evenly. The handle is made of Wengè wood. A kitchen item that embodies thealta qualità dei high quality of the materials applied in the kitchen and an original design that allows you to make square-shaped omelettes, radically changing the classic presentation of a universal dish.

Not the usual pots and the usual pans. But quality that meets simplicity, classicism that meets innovation. Collections with a vintage flavor,attention to detail,pots with a minimal style, practicalaccessories and designed to improve the experience in the kitchen, reinterpretations of ancient tools, quality in materials:knindustrie is a world to be discovered.

From the bubbles to the frying pan,from the pizza pietra pan to the designer pan,from the pentola olla stone to the ice cream maker, from the Teppanyaki tray to the Tajinepot, from the coccio saucepan to the transparent glass pot to the Iron Lyon: on Italian Design Outlet you can find inspiration for your kitchen, interpreting the table in a creative and contemporary way, for a mise en place in the name of originality. teglia

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